Make Your First Six Figures
Mastering Door to Door Solar Sales

In as little as 90 days, without a degree or

Upon successful completion of our course you’ll earn your certification and an employment interview with
Planet Oath — one of the fastest growing sales companies in California and Florida.

Roberto Castaneda FOUNDER / CEO

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Make More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible

With the average solar sales representative salary at $100,000 per year and US Solar jobs increasing 167% over the past decade, there has never been a better time to start a career in Door-to-Door Solar Sales.

Roberto Castaneda


Roberto Castaneda, Founder of Limitless Sales University, is passionately committed to bringing individuals and businesses into greater prosperity by teaching them what they need to know to succeed in the fast-growing industry of Door-to-Door Solar Sales.

His specialty is in training and developing new talent in this space.

At the age of 31, Roberto got his first job in Solar where he earned $1.2M in commissions in just his first year.

In 2021 Roberto founded his own Door-to-Door Solar Sales company, Planet Oath which he took from $0 to $10M+ commissions paid in just 1.5 years

A successful entrepreneur, Roberto’s problem-solving skills, leadership and hustle have not only led to the creation of one of the fastest growing Solar Sales Companies in the country, but also a lucrative Planet Oath Construction business and Liberty Tax Franchise.

Roberto Castaneda FOUNDER / CEO

By creating a proven blueprint for financial freedom, Roberto is now able to empower current and aspiring solar sales professionals with the necessary tools, knowledge and motivation needed to get started in and/or scale their own seven-figure solar businesses.

The second to youngest of four children, Roberto earned his BA in Sociology from San Jose State University.

A devoted father, Roberto resides in Pismo Beach CA with his wife, Zulema, and four young children; Roberto Jr, Angelique, Dalesandro, and Penelope.

A former professional soccer player for the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL), Roberto regularly gives back to his community through his support and sponsorship of several local youth Soccer teams.

As a 31 year old Solar Rep earned $1.2M in first year

Built Planet Oath Solar from $0 - $10M+ commissions paid in just 1.5 years

Has trained 100’s of Successful Solar Reps Around the World

Build the Confidence & Skills Needed to Succeed in Door to Door Solar Sales

Make Your First Six Figures Mastering Door To Door Solar Sales In as little as 90 days, without a degree or experience.
Make Your First Six Figures Mastering Door To Door Solar Sales In as little as 90 days, without a degree or experience.

You’ll Discover How To...

Achieve the Winning Mindset & Confidence Needed for Success

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change with it. We’ll show you how to get the confidence and business mindset which is critical for success

Avoid the Common Mistakes That 99% of New Solar Sales Reps Make

The time and money you’ll save from this chapter alone is worth the full cost of this course!

Generate Leads That Convert

We’ll show you how to never run out of clients. Learn how to create a steady flow of leads that will lead to long term prosperity.

Schedule for Success

To waste time is to waste your life. We’ll show you exactly how to schedule out your day to maximize productivity and results.

Anticipate and Overcome Objections

We’ve seen and heard it all. We’ll teach you how to anticipate any and all objections so you can close 90% of prospects

And SO Much More..


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